Magnusson Breeders Club

We at Magnusson Petfood, like to offer you, as a breeder, a little extra, which is not really so strange considering that we started out as Kennel Airways breeding Great Danes (read more about our history here). We are very grateful for the experience we gained over the years with Kennel Airways - not the least being that we really understand the tough challenges and demands you face as a breeder. To make things a little bit easier for you as a breeder, we have created our Breeders Club. At the moment, our Breeders Club is only open for our Swedish and Finnish customers. 

As a member of our Breeder’s Club you get among other things:

  • Cost free advice for you and your puppy buyers regarding all types of food and nutritional questions.
  • Attractive dog food prices, delivered, of course, directly to your doorstep.
  • Free Puppy Starter Kits for your puppy buyers.
  • The opportunity to purchase affordable products related to dog ownership and showing.
  • Great promotional offers.


For application, please send an email to including the following information:

  1. Kennel Name:
  2. Name:
  3. Address:
  4. ZIP code:
  5. City:
  6. Phone number:
  7. E-mail:
  8. Homepage:
  9. Breed:
  10. Number of dogs: